Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last night, after dinner, Daddy and i were watching TV...when he just blurted out... "I wish the baby was here already!!". (Melt my heart).
I looked at him confused..."are you talking about OUR baby?"...maybe he was talking about our nephew (your cousin, Kevin)...i didn't expect it. "Yes, OF COURSE OUR BABY!". LOL
I don't know about him, but I'm actually happy that you're in there right now, growing big for us. We don't have anything ready, heck...we haven't really started to get anything ready for your arrival...so i was a little shocked at your Daddy's words...but It was nice to hear that he is so anxious for you. He said he was ready for you to be here, and that he's ready for you to be in his arms, and that he can't wait to see what you look like.

Baby, I know you're the size of a peach right now, but give me a few months (6 to be exact). I'm a perfectionist, and i want EVERYTHING to be perfect for you. I want your room to be perfect. I have so many ideas!!!

I sometimes wonder what you're doing inside there...if you're just sitting there, wondering what's going on. Or if you're just happy and content.

Today the doctor called to tell me that the test results for our Level 1 came back great. So there was no abnormalities in your results...therefore you do not have down syndrome (chances are extremely low). I mean, I really would love you no matter what, but that was a nice weight lifted off my shoulders. I know you're growing strong...and happy, and healthy in there. From the last sonogram...you were moving so much! I can't even believe that you're so big already. I hope you don't grown that fast when you're here. I want you to stay a tiny baby, forever.

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