Tuesday, June 7, 2011

12 Weeks.

Good Morning my little Bean. I started a new blog just for you! I want to make this one stick...and make sure that I write in it every couple of days...so you see how big you're getting! Today i am officially 12 weeks! Actually, i don't know how big you are. The doctor says that you were 12 weeks 3 days on Friday (which was 4 days ago)...so if that's the case, you're already 13 weeks! Who knows!?! All i know is you're coming, and hopefully you'll be here before Christmas...which will be the best gift of all. I don't want anything else, just you...here, safe and sound. I can't wait to feel you inside of my tummy. I wonder when you'll let me know you're in there.
Well, according to thebump.com (a website that tells me how big you are in the size of fruit), you're the size of a plum. I can't believe that you're almost fully formed!

Your Daddy is so excited and happy too! We went to the doctor on Friday (June 3rd), and you were moving so much. Your Daddy's face lit up when he saw you on the screen. He's in loveeeeee!

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