Thursday, June 16, 2011

some videos that made me cry:

Blame it on the hormones:

We are telling my Dad the good news on Father's Day. We are thinking of giving him a card, and putting a picture of the sonogram inside. What do you think? Is that a cheesy way of telling my Dad? I need your input.
This will be my hubby's first unofficial Fathers day.  Next year, little bean will be joining us. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for it (for him). Anyone have good ideas on what i should do? Do you think it's totally weird that i want to do something, although he's technically not a Father yet? Is it-some sort of bad luck?? 
Hope you all have a great Father's Day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

stretch marks

I don't have them yet, but my belly and my skin in general is extremely itchy and dry the past few days. I know that my belly is stretching, but my legs shouldn't be. I started to do some research on this...and to see what products work best for stretch marks...and dry skin during pregnancy and all i did was get more confused. Anyone have any good tips/products they've used during pregnancy to stop the itching, avoid stretch marks. All the research i've done says that stretch marks are hereditary....does anyone have any advice? I could really use it...since this is all very new to my body and I.

belly button.

So, yesterday i wore a pair of stretchy tights under my dress. I'm still trying to hide my pregnancy (at work at least). It's not that i don't want people to know, i just want to wait it out. They gave us the option to telecommute (which will be awesome once Baby C is born)...but they do have strict orders. You cannot telecommute if it's to stay at home with a small child. I mean, makes perfect sense. but if it's in place BEFORE, it might just work out. I will be able to get on a work schedule, and figure it out. It would be perfect if i am breast feeding, that way i will be able to work from home and pump at my desk! HEHE. How perfect.
Ok, so back to what i was saying. My belly is starting to stretch  a little bit. I feel really itchy in some areas, especially around where my belly button was pierced (I had it pierced when i moved out on my own, and took it out about a year ago. It just wasn't 'Cute' anymore).
SO i'm noticing my belly piercing is getting a little red and inflamed. I googled it, and it seems a little normal, however, it's been out for a year. Anyone with a belly piercing have this issue? Or is my belly button piercing just weird? i found this link on my search. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last night, after dinner, Daddy and i were watching TV...when he just blurted out... "I wish the baby was here already!!". (Melt my heart).
I looked at him confused..."are you talking about OUR baby?"...maybe he was talking about our nephew (your cousin, Kevin)...i didn't expect it. "Yes, OF COURSE OUR BABY!". LOL
I don't know about him, but I'm actually happy that you're in there right now, growing big for us. We don't have anything ready, heck...we haven't really started to get anything ready for your i was a little shocked at your Daddy's words...but It was nice to hear that he is so anxious for you. He said he was ready for you to be here, and that he's ready for you to be in his arms, and that he can't wait to see what you look like.

Baby, I know you're the size of a peach right now, but give me a few months (6 to be exact). I'm a perfectionist, and i want EVERYTHING to be perfect for you. I want your room to be perfect. I have so many ideas!!!

I sometimes wonder what you're doing inside there...if you're just sitting there, wondering what's going on. Or if you're just happy and content.

Today the doctor called to tell me that the test results for our Level 1 came back great. So there was no abnormalities in your results...therefore you do not have down syndrome (chances are extremely low). I mean, I really would love you no matter what, but that was a nice weight lifted off my shoulders. I know you're growing strong...and happy, and healthy in there. From the last were moving so much! I can't even believe that you're so big already. I hope you don't grown that fast when you're here. I want you to stay a tiny baby, forever.

Monday, June 13, 2011

13 weeks.

Dear Beanie,
You are 13 weeks already...and growing! I'm still feeling great, really hard to believe that you are even with me...I haven't been sick a day (Although , i don't want to jinx it!!)!!! It's really weird seeing you in the sonogram...i feel as if I'm having an outer body experience. I see you moving and kicking...and i still don't feel you. But i know you're there. Your Daddy still rubs my belly...and sometimes i catch him turning over in his sleep...and finding his hand rubbing you.  He loves you so much. I can see/feel it!
Last Wednesday (June 8th) was my level 1. This is the sonogram that they do to tell if you have downe syndrome. I have to wait a week until they call me, so hopefully soon. The sonogram tech said everything was measuring pretty i don't expect to hear scary news. I know you're going to be healthy...and beautiful.
They even took some blood from me! vein decided to disappear! So it was a little painful...but anything for you.
I'm starting to wear maternity pants. 90% my pants don't fit me anymore...and I've been wearing extra long shirts to hide it.  Thank goodness its summer and I'm allowed to dress down at work! I'm able to wear jeans and Capri's...and no one really asks/questions. Last week they told me i was able to telecommute to work 1 day a week...which means, i might be able to stay home with you for 1 extra day! Isnt' that great?! I'm excited about it.  Daddy took the test on Saturday to be a Suffolk Police officer. We will have to wait to see if he scored high enough to be given a job. I've been praying...and i know god is good, and i know he will provide for us. It's just really scary...with you on the way. I want Daddy to be able to be with us all the time, and i hope his job doesn't take much time away from us.  I know that time will tell, but i really want him to get this job!! This is his dream.

  • How far along?: 13 weeks.
  • Total weight gain: 4 lbs (as of my last DR visit)
  • How big is baby?: the size of a peach
  • Maternity clothes?: Yes...i've already joined the bandwagon. My shirts are still good, just not my pants.
  • Stretch marks?: None yet...Although i do feel extra itchy all over, so i hope that doesn't mean my body is stretching-hence "stretch marks"
  • Sleep?: I've been waking up around 2 am every night...and dosing off...until 5am...when my alarm goes off, ugggggh..
  • Best moment this week?: My ultra sound on Wednesday when we saw you. You've gotton so big! And are moving so much!!
  • Movement?: . Only when we watch the ultra sound...but i haven't felt anything at all on the outside!
  • Food cravings?: Nothing crazy (yet). Although i did ask for RED LOBSTER the other day...and probably would've cried if i didn't have it.
  • Labor signs?: Not even close. Baby still has a lot to go!!
  • Belly button in or out?: In!! For now.
  • What I miss: A cold beer...hehe...
  • What I'm looking forward to: gaining weight, gracefully...and being a cute prego!
  • Milestone: I am DONE with my first trimester!! WOOHOO!!! ;)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

12 Weeks.

Good Morning my little Bean. I started a new blog just for you! I want to make this one stick...and make sure that I write in it every couple of you see how big you're getting! Today i am officially 12 weeks! Actually, i don't know how big you are. The doctor says that you were 12 weeks 3 days on Friday (which was 4 days ago) if that's the case, you're already 13 weeks! Who knows!?! All i know is you're coming, and hopefully you'll be here before Christmas...which will be the best gift of all. I don't want anything else, just, safe and sound. I can't wait to feel you inside of my tummy. I wonder when you'll let me know you're in there.
Well, according to (a website that tells me how big you are in the size of fruit), you're the size of a plum. I can't believe that you're almost fully formed!

Your Daddy is so excited and happy too! We went to the doctor on Friday (June 3rd), and you were moving so much. Your Daddy's face lit up when he saw you on the screen. He's in loveeeeee!