Wednesday, June 15, 2011

belly button.

So, yesterday i wore a pair of stretchy tights under my dress. I'm still trying to hide my pregnancy (at work at least). It's not that i don't want people to know, i just want to wait it out. They gave us the option to telecommute (which will be awesome once Baby C is born)...but they do have strict orders. You cannot telecommute if it's to stay at home with a small child. I mean, makes perfect sense. but if it's in place BEFORE, it might just work out. I will be able to get on a work schedule, and figure it out. It would be perfect if i am breast feeding, that way i will be able to work from home and pump at my desk! HEHE. How perfect.
Ok, so back to what i was saying. My belly is starting to stretch  a little bit. I feel really itchy in some areas, especially around where my belly button was pierced (I had it pierced when i moved out on my own, and took it out about a year ago. It just wasn't 'Cute' anymore).
SO i'm noticing my belly piercing is getting a little red and inflamed. I googled it, and it seems a little normal, however, it's been out for a year. Anyone with a belly piercing have this issue? Or is my belly button piercing just weird? i found this link on my search. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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